Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This uses the device’s GPS to determine if a user enters a pre-defined area marked as unsafe.

This uses the device’s GPS to determine if a user leaves a pre-defined area marked as safe.

This uses the device’s Bluetooth to detect if any Bluetooth signal enters the user’s range. 

This uses the device’s Bluetooth to detect if a Bluetooth signal leaves the user’s range. 

Mobile Application

We offer a free trial to new users to try out features. After this you will need an AgrGuardian subscription. We have monthly and yearly payment options.act u

The application runs on most Android and iOS devices that are less than 4 years old. For a full list of compatible devices please see our Terms and conditions.s

Unfortunately we will have to use some of your battery to ensure safety! The default settings will allow most phones to operate for a day on 40% charge. The battery usage will depend on settings chosen!

The mobile application offers the most protection when used with AgriGuardian approved products. 

AgriGuardian Wearable

No. The purchase of a wearable is only necessary if the protected user does not have a compatible smart phone.

The wearable is there to offer those vulnerable users that don’t have a smartphone protection. It provides the same protection features as a smartphone in a smartwatch format. It contains a sim card which allows it to communicate with the Guardians smartphone.

The device will work without the mobile application but will require setup in a group to function. 

Yes, the device requires an active subscription to function. 

No, once the device is charged and set up in the group, changes made by the Guardian in the application will be sent to the Wearable. Please note changes may take up to 5 minutes to reach the wearable.